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YouTube Plugin WordPress, Télécharger, Installer

YouTube Plugin WordPress

YouTube Embed WordPress Plugin. Embed a responsive video, YouTube channel gallery, or playlist gallery. Add thumbnails, analytics, caching…

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How to Install YouTube Plugin, Manuellement

  1. Use the WordPress plugin installer to install the plugin. Alternatively, you can just extract the folder in our download package and upload it to your plugin directory.
  2. Access the Plugins admin menu to activate the YouTube embed plugin.
  3. Make your default settings after clicking the new YouTube menu item that shows up in your admin panel.
  4. To embed videos in your post, start pasting the links with any desired additional codes needed for your YouTube embed (see below section for additional codes). Make sure each link is on its own line. Or, if you need multiple videos on the same line, make sure each URL is wrapped properly with the shortcode. Example: [embedyt][/embedyt] If you don’t know exactly which video you want to embed, use the free built-in search feature to find and insert one.
  5. You can also embed a playlist and channel gallery with this plugin >>. Please install the plugin and visit the settings page for instructions.
  6. To get video SEO, an analytics dashboard and many other premium features, sign up for one of the options here >>

Additional codes (adding these will override the default settings in the admin):

  • width – Sets the width of your player. If omitted, the default width will be the width of your theme’s content. Example: ""
  • height – Sets the height of your player. If omitted, this will be calculated for you automatically. Example: ""
  • vq – Set this to hd720 or hd1080 to force the video to play in HD quality. Example: ""
  • autoplay – Set this to 1 to autoplay the video (or 0 to play the video once). Example: ""
  • cc_load_policy – Set this to 1 to turn on closed captioning (or 0 to leave them off). Example: ""
  • iv_load_policy – Set this to 3 to turn off annotations (or 1 to show them). Example: ""
  • loop – Set this to 1 to loop the video (or 0 to not loop). Example: ""
  • modestbranding – Set this to 1 to remove the YouTube logo while playing (or 0 to show the logo). Example: ""
  • rel – Set this to 0 to not show related videos at the end of playing (or 1 to show them). Example: ""
  • showinfo – Set this to 0 to hide the video title and other info (or 1 to show it). Example: ""
  • theme – Set this to ‘light’ to make the player have the light-colored theme (or ‘dark’ for the dark theme). Example: ""
  • autohide – Set this to 1 to slide away the control bar after the video starts playing. It will automatically slide back in again if you mouse over the video. (Set to 2 to always show it). Example: ""

You can also start and end each individual video at particular times. Like the above, each option should begin with ‘&’

  • start – Sets the time (in seconds) to start the video. Example: ""
  • end – Sets the time (in seconds) to stop the video. Example: ""

Always follow these rules when pasting a link:

  • Make sure the url is really on its own line by itself. Or, if you need multiple videos on the same line, make sure each URL is wrapped properly with the shortcode. Example: [embedyt][/embedyt]
  • Make sure the url is not an active hyperlink (i.e., it should just be plain text). Otherwise, highlight the url and click the “unlink” button in your editor.
  • Make sure you did not format or align the url in any way. If your url still appears in your actual post instead of a video, highlight it and click the “remove formatting” button (formatting can be invisible sometimes).
  • Finally, there’s a slight chance your custom theme is the issue, if you have one. To know for sure, we suggest temporarily switching to one of the default WordPress themes (e.g., “Twenty Thirteen”) just to see if your video does appear. If it suddenly works, then your custom theme is the issue. You can switch back when done testing.



YouTube Plugin WordPress

YouTube Plugin WordPress

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