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WP SES Plugin WordPress, Télécharger, Installer

WP SES Plugin WordPress

WP-SES redirects all outgoing WordPress emails through Amazon Simple Email Service (SES) for maximum email deliverability.

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Comment Installer WP SES Plugin, Manually

First, install like any other plugin:

  1. Upload and activate the plugin
  2. The setting are in settings / WP SES

Then, proceed to the settings:

  1. Fill the email address and name to use as the sender for all emails
  2. Via the amazon SES console, ask to add the sender email as a confirmed sender
  3. Click on the link you got by email from Amazon SES
  4. Fill in Amazon API credentials and same sender email
  5. Save changes (Important !)
  6. Refresh the plugin, send a test email
  7. If ok, ask Amazon to go out of sandbox into production mode
  8. Once in production mode, you can use the top button to activate the plugin.
  9. From the plugin, you can manage and validate other senders.

Note 1 : If you use an IAM user (recommended) , give it at least the following permissions : ListIdentities, SendEmail, SendRawEmail
To use all features, you’ll also need VerifyEmailIdentity, DeleteIdentity, GetSendQuota, GetSendStatistics

Note 2 : Email validation is per SES Endpoint, not global.


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WP SES Plugin WordPress

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