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Lazy Load for Videos Plugin WordPress, Télécharger, Installer

Lazy Load for Videos Plugin WordPress

Speed up your site by replacing embedded Youtube and Vimeo videos with a clickable preview image. Visitors simply click on the image to play the video

Lazy Load for Videos Télécharger Maintenant

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Comment Installer Lazy Load for Videos Plugin, Manually

Upload Lazy Load for Videos into you plugin directory (/wp-content/plugins/) and activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.

When you had already published videos before you have activated Lazy Load for Videos, update all posts by clicking the “Update Posts” button below the “Save Changes” button.

You may have to clean the website’s and browser’s cache.

If you don’t see a preview image instead of the Youtube/Vimeo video, open the post editor and update/save the post again or even update all posts using the above mentioned “Update Posts” button.

Optionally: Sign up to the Lazy Load for Videos newsletter to get notified about major updates.

NOTICE – this is important to make your videos work as expected:
Easily insert the URL to your content (e.g. Youtube video) into a post or page. The URL must be on its own line and must not be hyperlinked. “WordPress will automatically turn [the URL] into a YouTube embed when the post is viewed.” (Source:
Inserting a Youtube iframe (instead of the plain URL) is deprecated and not supported by Lazy Load for Videos.


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Lazy Load for Videos Plugin WordPress

Lazy Load for Videos Plugin WordPress

Le plugin ne fonctionne pas?

En cas d’erreurs ou de problèmes avec le plug-in, écrivez des commentaires.

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