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IP Geo Block Plugin WordPress, Télécharger, Installer

IP Geo Block Plugin WordPress

It blocks any spams, login attempts and malicious access to the admin area
posted from the specific countries, and also prevents zero-day exploit.

IP Geo Block Télécharger Maintenant

Télécharger Maintenant

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Comment Installer IP Geo Block Plugin, Manually

Using The WordPress Dashboard

  1. Navigate to the ‘Add New’ in the plugins dashboard
  2. Search for ‘IP Geo Block’
  3. Click ‘Install Now’
  4. Activate the plugin on the Plugin dashboard

Validation rule settings

  • Matching rule
    Choose either White list (recommended) or Black list to specify the
    countries from which you want to pass or block.

  • Country code for matching rule
    Specify the country code with two letters (see
    ISO 3166-1 alpha-2
    ). Each of them should be separated by comma.

  • White/Black list of extra IPs for prior validation
    The list of extra IP addresses prior to the validation of country code.
    CIDR notation
    is acceptable to specify the range.

  • $_SERVER keys for extra IPs
    Additional IP addresses will be validated if some of keys in $_SERVER
    variable are specified in this textfield. Typically HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR.

  • Bad signatures in query
    It validates malicious signatures independently of Block by country and
    Prevent Zero-day Exploit for the target Admin area,
    Admin ajax/post, Plugins area and Themes area.
    Typically, /wp-config.php and /passwd.

  • Response code
    Choose one of the
    response code
    to be sent when it blocks a comment.
    The 2xx code will lead to your top page, the 3xx code will redirect to
    Black Hole Server,
    the 4xx code will lead to WordPress error page, and the 5xx will pretend
    an server error.

  • Validation timing
    Choose “init” action hook or “mu-plugins” (ip-geo-block-mu.php) to
    specify the timing of validation.

Validation target settings

  • Comment post
    Validate post to wp-comment-post.php. Comment post and trackback will be

    Validate access to xmlrpc.php. Pingback and other remote command with
    username and password will be validated.

  • Login form
    Validate access to wp-login.php and wp-signup.php.

  • Admin area
    Validate access to wp-admin/*.php.

  • Admin ajax/post
    Validate access to wp-admin/admin-(ajax|post)*.php.

  • Plugins area
    Validate direct access to plugins. Typically wp-content/plugins/…/*.php.

  • Themes area
    Validate direct access to themes. Typically wp-content/themes/…/*.php.

Geolocation API settings

  • API selection and key settings
    If you wish to use IPInfoDB, you should register at
    their site
    to get a free API key and set it into the textfield. And and require non-commercial use.

Local database settings settings

  • Auto updating (once a month)
    If Enable, Maxmind GeoLite database will be downloaded automatically by
    WordPress cron job.

Record settings

  • Record validation statistics
    If Enable, you can see Statistics of validation on Statistics tab.

  • Record validation logs
    If you choose anything but Disable, you can see Validation logs on
    Logs tab.

  • $_POST keys in logs
    Normally, you can see just keys at $_POST data: on Logs tab. If you put
    some of interested keys into this textfield, you can see the value of key
    like key=value.

  • Anonymize IP address
    It will mask the last three digits of IP address when it is recorded into
    the log.

Cache settings

  • Number of entries
    Maximum number of IPs to be cached.

  • Expiration time [sec]
    Maximum time in sec to keep cache.

Submission settings

  • Text position on comment form
    If you want to put some text message on your comment form, please choose
    Top or Bottom and put text with some tags into the Text message on
    comment form

Plugin settings

  • Remove settings at uninstallation
    If you checked this option, all settings will be removed when this plugin
    is uninstalled for clean uninstalling.


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IP Geo Block Plugin WordPress

IP Geo Block Plugin WordPress

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