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HTML5 Boilerplate Plugin WordPress, Télécharger, Installer

HTML5 Boilerplate Plugin WordPress

Based on the [HTML5 Boilerplate]( created by
[Paul Irish]( and [Divya Manian](

HTML5 Boilerplate Télécharger Maintenant

Télécharger Maintenant

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Comment Installer HTML5 Boilerplate Plugin, Manually

  1. Download the ZIP
  2. Unzip the ZIP
  3. Copy/paste the unzipped files into your WP plug-in directory (/wp-content/plugins/)
  4. From within WP’s Plugin Admin panel, Activate the HTML5 Boilerplate plug-in
  5. In the left-nav, within the Settings menu, you should now have an HTML5 Boilerplate link
  6. Click the link to view the HTML5 Boilerplate Admin panel
  7. Check and un-check options to add and remove stuff from your site!


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HTML5 Boilerplate Plugin WordPress

HTML5 Boilerplate Plugin WordPress

Le plugin ne fonctionne pas?

En cas d’erreurs ou de problèmes avec le plug-in, écrivez des commentaires.

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