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CloudWok File-Upload Plugin WordPress, Télécharger, Installer

CloudWok File-Upload Plugin WordPress

File-upload plugin to let visitors of your site upload files into your Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon S3,, etc.

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Create a CloudWok:

  1. Go to and create an account.
  2. Create a CloudWok that is either connected to a folder in your Dropbox, Google Drive, account or other cloud storage accounts that are supported by CloudWok.
  3. After you have created a Wok, you get a URL to an upload website, such as this: The last four letters are your “wok id” (in this example: AneJ).

Install the plug-in via WordPress Plugin Directory:

The easiest way to install the plugin is through the “Plugins” menu item on the left-hand sidebar in your WordPress admin panel (see screenshots).

  1. Click on “Plugins”
  2. Click on “Add New”
  3. Search for the term “CloudWok”
  4. Select the CloudWok plugin and install it.
  5. Activate the plugin.

Manually install the plug-in:

Alternative to the installation method via WordPress plugin directory, as described before, you can also manually install the plugin:

  1. Upload cloudwok.php to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress

Use the plug-in:

There are two ways how you can add the CloudWok file-upload widget to your blog posts or pages:

  • New: Visit to generate a customized HTML embed code. Open the “Settings” menu in your sidebar and click on “CloudWok”. Paste the copied HTML embed code into the text area and click “Save”. This generates a shortcode, like this one: [cloudwok ref=1]. Simply copy and paste the shortcode into your blog post or page and the widget will appear at that place.
  • Old: Simply add the following shortcode in your blog post or page: [cloudwok wok_id="YOUR_WOK_ID" show_powered_by_link="True"]. There are many options to customize the file-upload plugin. Please take a look at the “Installation” tab for more information how to customize the plugin.

The following configurations only apply to the “old” CloudWok shortcode. If you need further customizations, please use the “new” way, as described above.

[cloudwok wok_id="YOUR_WOK_ID" show_powered_by_link="True"]

In the example, replace YOUR_WOK_ID your actual wok id (a four-letter id, such as “AneJ”).

By default, the file-upload widget shows a file-upload button (and drag & drop area) and after file uploads shows the uploaded files in a list. You can configure the shortcode as follows:

  • [cloudwok wok_id="YOUR_WOK_ID" show_uploads="False" show_powered_by_link="True"] Don’t show a list of uploaded files
  • [cloudwok wok_id="YOUR_WOK_ID" show_downloads="True" show_powered_by_link="True"] List all files that have been uploaded so far
  • [cloudwok wok_id="YOUR_WOK_ID" show_form="True" show_powered_by_link="True"] Show a form where uploaders can enter additional information along with their uploaded files, such as their e-mail and a message.

You can also combine the options of the shortcode, as in this example:

[cloudwok wok_id="YOUR_WOK_ID" show_uploads="False" show_downloads="True" show_form="True" show_powered_by_link="True"]

You can customize the message form as follows to let uploaders enter their e-mail and/or name:

  • [cloudwok wok_id="YOUR_WOK_ID" show_form="True" show_form_input_name="True" show_form_input_email="True"] Show a form with name and e-mail input fields in addition to the message field.
  • [cloudwok wok_id="YOUR_WOK_ID" show_form="True" show_form_input_name="True"] Show a form with name field but without e-mail field in addition to the message field.
  • [cloudwok wok_id="YOUR_WOK_ID" show_form="True" show_form_input_email="True"] Show a form without a name field but with an e-mail input fields in addition to the message field.

Thereby, you gain the ability to more easily correlate files that are uploaded to your Dropbox, Google Drive, etc. with the name and/or e-mail of the person who uploaded these files.

Since version 0.3.5 of this plugin, you can disable the dropzone and show a simple file-upload button instead:

[cloudwok wok_id="YOUR_WOK_ID" simple_file_upload_button="True" show_powered_by_link="True"]

Since version 0.3.7 of this plugin, you can disallow file uploads, for example to only show the list of downloadable files in your Google Drive, Dropbox, …:

[cloudwok wok_id="YOUR_WOK_ID" allow_upload="False" show_downloads="True"]

Since version 0.3.8 of this plugin, you can disable the success message that shows after a successful file upload:

[cloudwok wok_id="YOUR_WOK_ID" hide_upload_success_message="True" show_powered_by_link="True"]

Since version 0.4.0 of this plugin, you can pre-fill the e-mail and name fields with values from the current WordPress user:

[cloudwok wok_id="YOUR_WOK_ID" show_form="True" show_form_input_name="True" show_form_input_email="True" prefill_form_fields="True"]

Since version 0.4.1 of this plugin, you can make the first name and last name fields required:

[cloudwok wok_id="YOUR_WOK_ID" show_form="True" show_form_input_name="True" required_firstname="True" required_lastname="True"]

Since version 0.4.2 of this plugin, via invisible_form_input_name you can let the plugin submit the wordpress user name when a user uploads a file without showing the input fields to your user:

[cloudwok wok_id="YOUR_WOK_ID" show_uploads="True" show_form="True" show_form_input_name="True" prefill_form_fields="True" invisible_form_input_name="True"]

Since version 0.4.3 of this plugin, via hide_form_message_text="True", you can show user name and email input fields without the message text area:

[cloudwok wok_id="YOUR_WOK_ID" show_form="True" show_form_input_name="True" required_firstname="True" required_lastname="True" show_form_input_email="True" hide_form_message_text="True"]

Since version 0.4.4 of this plugin, via success_message_title="YOUR OWN TITLE", success_message_subtitle="YOUR OWN SUBTITLE", success_message_text="YOUR OWN TEXT", you can customize the message that is shown to your users after a successful file upload:

[cloudwok wok_id="YOUR_WOK_ID" success_message_title="YOUR OWN TITLE" success_message_subtitle="YOUR OWN SUBTITLE" success_message_text="YOUR OWN TEXT"]

By default, a small “powered by” text-link to is disabled. If you like our plug-in, we would appreciate it if you would enable the link via [cloudwok wok_id="YOUR_WOK_ID" show_powered_by_link="True"].

Since version 0.5 of this plugin, we have added an admin panel to the left-hand sidebar (Settings > CloudWok) where you can customize the layout of the plugin with more flexibility. The old shortcodes still work, however, they will not be further extended with new customization features. The new approach (via Settings admin panel) will be updated in upcoming releases of this plugin.


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CloudWok File-Upload Plugin WordPress

CloudWok File-Upload Plugin WordPress

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